Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium

The Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium (KNAC) comprises astronomy faculty and students at eight small liberal arts colleges and universities in the northeast. Our goals are to promote astronomy research among our students and to foster faculty and student interaction among the eight campuses. We sponsor a student exchange program each summer and a student research symposium each fall.

We were originally funded by the W. M. Keck Foundation beginning in 1990 and have been funded in the past by the National Science Foundation.

Consortium member schools

Colgate University

Middlebury College

Vassar College

Wesleyan University

Haverford College

Swarthmore College

Wellesley College

Williams College

Summer undergraduate research experience



The application process for
summer 2024 is now closed.

Each summer KNAC faculty host undergraduate research interns from within the consortium.

Information about the types of research projects carried out in the consortium can be found on the webpages of individual faculty and there's also information available about the application process. Applications for summer 2024 were due by February 10. The application is now closed.

Student research symposium

Each fall students and faculty from the summer research undergraduate research experience and the member schools gather together for a student research symposium. The 2024 symposium will be hosted by Colgate University on September 27 and 28.

Information from previous symposia: 2023 Wesleyan, 2022 Wellesley, 2021 Haverford, 2020 Williams, 2019 Vassar, 2018 Middlebury, 2017 Colgate, 2016 Wesleyan, 2015 Williams, 2014 Swarthmore, 2013 Vassar, 2012 Middlebury, 2011 Wellesley, 2010 Colgate, 2009 Swarthmore, 2008 Wesleyan, 2007 Williams, 2006 Vassar, 2005 Middlebury, 2004 Colgate.

Research activities of KNAC students and faculty

Our members are active in many fields of astrophysical research. We have a listing of papers published by students.

Information for students

Information for KNAC faculty

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