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Note: All reimbursement should be through your home institution

All reimbursements from KNAC funds should be treated just like any other expense incurred (e.g. travel to a meeting funded by your own research grant): You should request reimbursement through your own department/institution, and charge the expense to a fund earmarked for KNAC expenses. Your institution should then invoice KNAC through Stefanie at Wesleyan:

Stefanie Dinneen
Astronomy Department
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT 06459

Each KNAC school should have a fund already set up (e.g. to pay students), but if not, such a fund should be set up. Note that this is how grant money is generally administered (your home institution reimburses you out of a fund that is periodically replenished by invoicing the granting agency). Feel free to get in touch with Stefanie if you have any questions. Thanks.

The schedule of upcoming and past meetings

Upcoming meetings:

2025 faculty meeting: Wesleyan (t.b.a.)
2024 student sypmosium: Colgate (Sep. 27-28)

Past meetings:

2024 faculty meeting: Williams (Jul. 8-9)
2023 student sypmosium: Wesleyan (Oct. 6-7)
2023 faculty meeting: Vassar (Jul. 10-11)
2022 student symposium: Wellesley (Sep. 30-Oct. 1)
2022 faculty meeting: Middlebury (Jul. 18-19)
2021 student symposium: Haverford (Sep. 30-Oct. 2; virtual symposium)
2021 faculty meeting: Middlebury (Jun. 28-29; virtual meeting)
2020 student symposium: Williams (Oct. 2-3; virtual symposium)
2020 faculty meeting: Wellesley (Jun. 8-9; virtual meeting)
2019 student symposium: Vassar (Oct. 4-5)
2019 faculty meeting: Swarthmore (Jul. 15-16)
2018 student symposium: Middlebury (Sep. 28-29)
2018 faculty meeting: Williams (Jul. 2-3)
2017 student symposium: Colgate (Oct. 20-21)
2017 faculty meeting: Colgate (Jun. 26-27)
2016 student symposium: Wesleyan (Oct. 14-15)
2016 faculty meeting: Wellesley (Jun. 27-28)
2015 student symposium: Williams (Oct. 16-17)
2015 faculty meeting: Wesleyan (Jul. 13-14)
2014 student symposium: Swarthmore (Nov. 7-8)
2014 faculty meeting: Haverford (Jul. 14-15)
2013 student symposium: Vassar (Sep. 27-28)
2013 faculty meeting: Vassar (Jun. 10-11)
2012 student symposium: Middlebury (Sep. 21-22)
2012 faculty meeting: Williams (Jul. 16-17)
2011 student symposium: Wellesley (Sep. 23-24)
2011 faculty meeting: Haverford (Jul. 11-12)
2010 student symposium: Colgate (Nov. 5-6)
2010 faculty meeting: Williams (Jul. 19-20)
2009 student symposium: Swarthmore (Sep. 25-26)
2009 faculty meeting: Wesleyan (Jun. 22-23)
2008 student symposium: Wesleyan (Nov. 7-8)
2008 faculty meeting: Colgate (Jul. 13-14)
2007 student symposium: Williams (Sep. 28-29)
2007 faculty meeting: Wellesley (Jun. 17-18)
2006 student symposium: Vassar (Oct. 6-7)
2006 faculty meeting: Swarthmore (Jul. 16-17)

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