Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium: symposium registration information

All students from any of the KNAC member institutions are welcome - and encouraged - to attend the symposium, which is being held at Colgate University on Friday October 29 and Saturday October 30, 2004.

One faculty member at each institution will collect this information, so, students, please talk to faculty in your department if you're interested in attending.

Students can give a short, ten minute talk on their research. Or they can present a poster about their research. Or they can simply attend the conference without giving a talk or a poster. Students who went on the exchange program this past summer must give a talk. Finally, students who give talks or posters should submit a four page paper for the symposium proceedings. See the information about the paper.

Information to be supplied by each student attendee:

And don't forget to read about the guidelines for submitting a paper, on the main KNAC page.

Again, submit this information to a faculty member in your own department.

Also: "The meeting room will have a Mac laptop and a PC. Please have students send me their files ahead of time so that I can install them on the computers. They should also bring a CD-ROM with their talks, just in case."

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