REU Students: Summer 2005

Some of our research students in action

Gangstead in Chile

Joseph Gangestad (Williams College '06) on an occultation expedition to the Cerro Armazones Observatory near Antofagasta, Chile. ...chasing the shadow of Pluto and its moon Charon.

Jay Las Canarias 1

Owen Westbrook (Williams '06) and Jennifer Yee (Swarthmore '07, visiting at Williams) at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, Canary Islands, Spain, to use the Swedish Solar Telescope with Prof. Jay Pasachoff. And below.

Jay Las Canarias 2

Students at Wesleyan

Left to right: Cassie Falscheer (Wesleyan grad student); Alice Francis (REU student from Hamilton College); Gabe Roxby (Wesleyan summer student); Stella Nordhagen (REU student from Middlebury College), enjoying a break from their summer research on the Wesleyan campus.

We've also got some photos of Froney Crawford's pulsar research group from earlier summers.

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